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Kids are welcome everywhere in Reykjavik

Reykjavík is a very family-friendly destination. Iceland is repeatedly voted as the safest and most peaceful country in the world and kids are welcome everywhere. The city offers plenty of activities to keep the young ones entertained year-round, that the whole family will enjoy. Most restaurants welcome kids and many have a separate kid-friendly menu and a kid’s corner. Many museums also focus their attention on kids and make all their information and exhibitions accessible and fun for the kids of all ages.

Here are a few suggestions for activities that you can enjoy with your kids while in Reykjavík.

Splash around in swimming pools!

Every neighborhood in Reykjavík has its own swimming pool. They are heated with geothermal water, so they are warm and cozy. Each pool also has a hot tub area where you can relax and unwind after a busy day of exploring the city. Swimming pools are a popular activity among local families as they are a fun, healthy, and affordable option. The pools provide you with floaties for the kids as well as baby bathtubs and child seats in the shower room.

Icelandic horse
What a beauty! Photo credit: Húsdýragarðurinn zoo & park

Meet the Icelandic horses!

The Icelandic horse is a friendly and charismatic creature so even the smallest in your group will enjoy meeting them. These friendly purebreds are a national treasure and love to meet people. Horse riding tours are among the most popular things to do in Iceland and several of them are operated in and around Reykjavík. You are sure to find tours that fit your family’s needs and experience level.

Check out those goats! Photo credit: The Húsdýragarður park & zoo.

Visit Húsdýragarðurinn Family Park & Zoo!

You can spend a whole day here without getting bored. The zoo features Icelandic farm animals and mammals from the country’s wildlife, as well as a small collection of exotic animals. There is also a large playground with castles, zip-lines, a bouncy area, and different rides. There’s also a cafeteria where you can buy meals and you can even bring your own and use the barbecue facilities!

Ice cave
Discovering an ice cave. Photo credit Perlan Museum.

Explore the wonders of Iceland!

At Perlan the latest science and the museum artists have joined forces to create an amazing exhibition. This is a museum dedicated to Iceland’s nature and natural forces, a place where visitors can see, feel, and live Iceland’s natural wonders all in one place. This includes a demo ice-cave, a Northern Lights display, water in different shapes and forms, an observation deck and more. An interactive experience that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Go duck watching!

The Reykjavik Pond is a popular recreational area for local families and every Icelander has fond memories of watching and feeding the ducks. Here you will find ducks, geese, swans and seagulls by the numbers. They are beautiful and fun but keep in mind that feeding them is frowned upon. Every year, the mayor sends out a friendly reminder that we are welcome to pay the birds a visit to say ‘hello’ and that feeding them is a no-no.

Whale watching from Reykjavik
Kids love whale watching!

Go whale watching!

Sailing on Faxaflói Bay in hopes of spotting some whales is amazing in and of itself. And when you spot those giant mammals of the sea in their natural habitat, the experience turns beyond unique and memorable. Kids of all ages will enjoy the excitement of trying to spot these gentle giants and seeing how close the boat can get to them. Whales can be seen off the coast of Iceland year-round. The boats have heated indoor areas, but you should remember to bring warm clothes as it can get very chilly out on the sea. You can also bring your own snacks or buy some on the boat.

Viking swords
Viking swords

Visit a museum!

There are many child-friendly museums in Reykjavík that your kids will enjoy. Many of them have interactive exhibits and activity rooms for children with hands-on experiences. We recommend a visit to the Whales of Iceland before or after your whale watching tour to learn more about these lovely creatures. FlyOver Iceland is a thrilling experience that will get everyone excited. The Maritime Museum offers a chance to board a National Coast Guard ship from the 50s and you can step back in time at the National Museum and the Árbær Open Air Museum. If you want to immerse yourselves in Viking history, we recommend the Saga Museum and the Settlement Exhibition. There is so much to choose from!


Bask on a geothermal beach with your kids in Reykjavik!

Ever dreamt of sunbathing under the midnight sun, on an island in the North Atlantic? Then the Nauthólsvík geothermal beach is for you! This small sandy beach gets packed on sunny summer days. Here you will see children playing in the golden sand and parents ‘licking the sun’ as we say in Iceland. The beach is equipped with changing facilities and showers, steam baths, and hot tubs. Hot geothermal water is pumped into the man-made lagoon. The outcome is a refreshing swimming area at a constant 15°-19°C in summer. Nauthólsvík is a fun stop for families year-round.

Valdís ice cream shop in Reykjavik
Taking your kids to Reykjavik? Take them to Valdís ice cream shop

Kids love yummy Reykjavik ice cream!

Every day is ice cream day in Iceland and Icelanders know how to make delicious ice cream. They feast on it in all sorts of weather, be it sunny, rainy, windy or snowy. They are also experimental with interesting flavours that will leave you spoilt for choice and your sweet tooth satisfied.

Note from the editor: I recommend We recommend Valdís ice cream shop.