The northern lights in Iceland – maximise your change of seeing the aurora

The northern lights in Iceland are stunning and elusive

The northern lights in Iceland attract many people to the country every year. I always say to people that they should not make the northern lights the only reason to visit the country. The reason is simple: the northern lights are elusive. But don’t get me wrong, the northern lights are such a fascinating and beautiful phenomenon. That is why I have a large collection of articles about the northern lights, or the aurora as it is often called.

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Northern lights
The Northern Lights have enchanted and intrigued people for millennia.

Maximizing your chance of seeing the northern lights

Many resources help you see the northern lights in Iceland. There are aurora forecasts available online from the following sources.

The best time to see the northern lights is from September to April. It is best to have clear skies and minimum light pollution. If you are in Reykjavik and are looking for the northern lights, there are places with less light pollution, such as Grótta, Öskjuhlíð, and the Elliðaárdalur valley.

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Control your expectations and enjoy the journey

I advise you to focus on having fun in your quest for the northern lights. If you see them, it is a huge bonus. If not, well, you looked for them together. When traveling with children, use the opportunity to teach them about the science behind lights. They combine the wonder of science and the beauty of nature.

Articles about the northern lights in Iceland

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The Northern lights are elusive. I always tell people that you should not visit Iceland just to see the northern lights. The country has so much else to offer. Remember, the northern lights are a complex natural phenomenon. The appearance of the northern lights depends…

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