Dramatic Scenery

The black beach is famous for its beauty. The photogenic Reynisdrangar sea stacks, impressive  Dyrhóley promontory, and the rugged-looking Hálsanefshellir cave. Basalt columns in the rocks make everything look just perfect.

Nearby attractions

The beach is near the village of Vík. Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls are nearby. So are Eyjafjallajökull glacier and Mýrdalsjökull glacier which covers the infamous volcano Katla. Visit the Icelandic Lava Show, there. It is the only show which has lava flowing indoors.

Claim to fame for Reynisfjara black beach

Reynisfjara black beach has been featured in many videos. Most recently it is the setting for the ´Head Above Water’ music video by Avril Lavigne.

Stay safe on Reynisfjara black beach

Don’t go too close to the beach. Massive waves can hit at any time and carry you out to sea. This can be lethal. Here is a recent video from Reynisfjara beach which shows how intense and dangerous things can get.

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