Save on my trip to Iceland with these eighteen proven tips

Everybody wants to know “How to save money on my trip to Iceland” – here are seventeen tips

Wondering, “how to save on my trip to Iceland?” No problem, you have come to the right place. Here are eighteen proven ways to save. If you are an extra frugal traveler, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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How to save money on my Iceland trip is the subject of this article.
How to save money on my Iceland trip is the subject of this article.

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2. Use the Stuck in Iceland promo codes to pay less for Iceland themed products

The Stuck in Iceland promo codes for Iceland themes products enable you to save on gifts or souvenirs (or just on something nice for you!).

3. Wondering how to save on my trip to Iceland? Save with coupons

Download the Icelandic Coupons app to get deals on meals, drinks, and even tours

4. Use a hotel deal finder to save money on hotels in Iceland

Use our Iceland hotel deal finder, which helps you to find last-minute hotel deals. One tip is to rent accommodation with a kitchen so you can cook yourself.

5. Use an app to get cheaper drinks on happy hour

Nothing beats a happy hour. Sit down in a great bar with good friends, chat and listen to music. To find a happy hour where you can get discounts on drinks,  download the Reykjavik Appy Hour app. It is available on Android and iOS.

6. Shop at these supermarkets save money on groceries

Shop at supermarkets either called ‘Krónan,’ Netto,’ or ‘Bónus.’ Keep in mind that grocery prices are high in Iceland, so plan your shopping well. There is also a Costco in the suburbs. If you are a Costco member, you can perhaps save money by shopping there. Other supermarkets and shops will be more expensive. These low-cost supermarkets are not in small towns, villages, or hamlets. Stock up before you drive into remote areas.

7. Don’t buy bottled water

Don’t buy bottled water. Fill up your bottle with delicious tap water. Icelandic water is one of the best in the world. So enjoy!

8. Use self-service gas stations to save on your trip to Iceland

Use self-service stations with the following brands: Atlantsolia, Orkan, or ÓB. Like low-cost supermarkets, these may not be available in small and remote towns and villages, so fill up when you can. Costco runs a gas station right next to its warehouse. If you are a Costco member, you can fill up there and save money on petrol.

9. Use public transport. It is cheaper

If you want to use public transport, get the ‘Strætó’ app. ‘Strætó’ is the shorthand used for the public bus service in Reykjavik. You can use that app to purchase bus tickets for trips within the Reykjavik area. Also, note that you can travel by bus from Reykjavik to many places in Iceland. It can be an excellent way to save on transport, especially if you cannot share driving costs with somebody else.

10. Buy alcohol at the duty-free store

Alcohol is expensive in Iceland, so it is worth buying alcohol at the duty-free store when you arrive at Keflavik Airport. The savings are the greatest for spirits and liquor.

11. Use public Wi-Fi to save on roaming costs

If you are visiting from outside the European Union or the European Economic Area and are subject to high roaming costs, note that free Wi-Fi is available in most public places, restaurants, and bars. Take full advantage

12. Go on free hikes using this clever hiking app

Download the Wapp app, where you will get access to easy-to-use and often free (or very cheap) guidance for hiking trails all over Iceland.

13. Enjoy lunch and consider getting the fish of the day

If you want to save on eating out, it can be a good idea to go for lunch rather than dinner. Many restaurants in Reykjavik have special offers on lunch menus. Often ordering fish of the day gets you good value for money. And if you are in Iceland, you have to try the fish anyway!

14. Watch out for banking fees

You can pay for almost everything in Iceland with a credit card or a debit card. Just remember to have your PIN handy. Make sure that you understand the banking fees involved in paying for things or withdrawing money abroad before you come.

15. Only rent a car from a highly rated car rental company or camper van company

I have seen so many unlucky people complain online about the poor experience they have had after renting a cheap car from some small and sometimes downright dodgy car rental company. When you rent a car or rent a  camper van, consider carefully the rating of the rental company on such sites as TripAdvisor. A high rating is not enough. Also, consider the number of reviews the car rental company has. Only rent a car or a camper van from a company that combines a high rating AND a large number of reviews. It may more expensive upfront but will save you money and headache later.

16. Only book tours with top-rated companies

The same goes for tour companies as it does for car rental companies. Only book tours from tour companies or tour guides that combine many reviews, AND a high rating. Your time in Iceland is limited and you should neither spend time nor money on a poor tour experience.

17. Get great deals on accessories that keep your phone safe while you are enjoying your Iceland trip 

Iceland can be wet, windy, and cold. It would be best if you protect your phone while traveling, so check out the great online offers of the incredible selection of phone accessories on the MyTrendyPhone website. Thank you, MTP, for helping to keep my magazine free to use with this sponsored link 🙂

Saving tips for the frugal traveler

My saving tips for Iceland are for people who want to enjoy the good things in life when they travel. When I travel, I want to sample the local cuisine, try the local wine or beer, book tours, stay in a good hotel, and get all the rest of the good stuff. But some frugal travelers have a tight budget. If that is the case, you are going to have a tough time in Iceland, but here are some tips that I have heard about:


Car-pooling is great, although I suppose you should make sure you share your trip with someone you will be safe with. I am reluctant to recommend hitch-hiking in Iceland to anyone. People on the side of the road trying to hail down cars here often look downright miserable.


If you go camping in Iceland, make sure you have the right gear to be warm and safe. There are so many great camping grounds in Iceland with all the necessary facilities.

Home Exchange

I have tried home exchange with people from France and the United Kingdom. Home exchange has generally been a good experience for us. However, I realize it is not for everyone, but you can save a lot of money this way.


I have never tried CouchSurfing, and I have to say I do not feel that I am missing out on anything. But if you want to go for it and feel safe, who am I to judge?

How to pay for things in Iceland

Are you wondering how to pay for things in Iceland? Here is the answer to that perennial question.

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