How to save money on hotels in Iceland

Use our Iceland hotel deal finder which helps you to find great accommodation for a fair price on One great tip is to rent accommodation with a kitchen so you can cook yourself.

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Find good deals on car rental in Iceland

You can also use the car rental car search engine from to find great prices on a quality rental car from reputable car rental companies. If you are renting a car in winter please make sure the car (and you) can handle winter conditions here in Iceland!

How to save money on tours in Iceland

Check out our deals section where we have a list of great tours you can book with a discount.

Read the article about how to travel in Iceland on a budget

We also have written about how to travel in Iceland on a budget with various hints and tips. It is also a good idea to download the app which helps you to save money in restaurants, shops, bars and on tours. Our road trip plans help you with your travel planning before or during your trip here in Iceland.

How to save money on food and water in Iceland

Find accommodation with a kitchen.  This enables you to cook your own meals and you are less reliant on eating out. Don´t buy bottled water. Fill up your bottle with delicious tap water. Icelandic water is one of the best in the world. So enjoy!