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Hiking in Iceland – discover rugged beauty and soaring vistas

Hiking in Iceland is popular for a reason. Iceland is the perfect country for hiking. It has many hiking trails that are either really tough and demanding or offer an easy stroll in the countryside. We at Stuck in Iceland have taken pride in writing and curating as many travel stories and articles about hiking in Iceland as possible.

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Hiking tours in Iceland

You don‘t have to go it alone, there are so many great hiking trips available for online booking.

Tough hiking trips on glaciers and mountains

The toughest hike I have ever been was the 24 peaks challenge in the mountain range above the town of Akureyri. I have also hiked to the top of Iceland´s highest peak, Mt. Hvannadalshnjúkur and to the top of neighboring Hrútfjallstindar peaks.

Long but fairly easy hiking trails

More conventional hiking trails which I have been on are the ancient Kjalvegur route and the popular Laugavegur trail.

Hiking paths close to Reykjavik

Easily accessible hiking trails close to Reykjavik include the following:

Hikes where you don’t see anything

It can easily happen in Iceland. You dress up, you wake up early. Then the weather is utterly s**** and you don’t see anything. You are left freezing cold and disappointed.

Download the Icelandic hiking app

Hiking trails in Iceland are abundant. A quick way to discover the right hiking trail for you is the hiking app Wapp by one of Iceland´s best known guide Einar Skulason.

Stay safe

Before you go hiking in Iceland, please study and follow the advice given on the Safetravel website. Follow the weather forecast and make sure you stay safe!

Clothing needs to be warm and waterproof

Weather in Iceland changes quickly. Make sure to dress properly, think layers, and consider that it is very likely that at some point on your journey you have to contend with strong wind, low visibility, rain, sleet, or even snow. So make sure that your shoes and clothing is waterproof and warm. Read this article on how to dress for Iceland.

Be extra careful when hiking in winter

Hiking in Iceland in winter it is not for the faint of heart. Don´t go on any long hiking trips unless you have a guide.

Always go with a guide to Icelandic glaciers

Never go on an Icelandic glacier without an experienced guide. They are death traps for those who don’t know them inside out.