We were lucky enough the other day to get an invitation to the grand opening of the Whale exhibition called Whales of Iceland in Reykjavik. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical, after all, Iceland is experiencing a tourist boom and a lot of people here in Iceland are jumping on that particular bandwagon. I was worried that this would be a tacky affair.

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But I was pleasantly surprised. The museum is relatively close to the harbor so whale aficionados can combine a whale watching trip and the exhibition. As its name suggest the exhibition focuses on the whale species that are native to the North Atlantic and roam the seas around Iceland. The coolest thing about the whale exhibition is that whale replicas are a shown in their real-life sizes so you can comprehend the sheer scale of those magnificent creatures.

I have to admit that before I saw the replicas of the whales I had no real concept of their massive size. I felt kind of small right next to the massive replicas of a Blue whale, Right whale and Sperm whale!

See the magnificence of the whales of Iceland!
See the magnificence of the whales of Iceland!

The exhibition also has replicas of whale skeletons, a lot of interesting information about the whales species shown and interactive kiosks. So if you love whales like I do, this exhibition is for you!

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