If you considering visiting Iceland, this should help you to take the plunge. A new survey conducted by pollsters Gallup and ISAVIA, the company which runs Keflavik Airport, shows that travelers are delighted by Iceland.

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Happy travelers

Since early 2016, Gallup and ISAVIA have polled travelers to monitor their satisfaction with their Iceland tour. These series of polls is called ´Travelpulse´ The most recent poll was conducted in December 2018. The result was an NPS score of 85 which is really  high. As stated on Wikipedia, NPS, or Net Promoter Score shows how people are likely to recommend something to a friend or colleague? Any score over 70 is exceptional.  The NPS score in the Travelpulse reached its lowest point of 62 in April – June time period in 2017.

Get great value for money

An important factor in the Travelpulse is a question about the value of money.  The NPS score for this question was a whopping 81. Other components in the ´Travelpulse´ are questions about how happy people were about their Iceland tour, their feelings about Icelandic hospitality and whether the tour met expectations. To improve your value for money on your Iceland trip, consider reading our guide to save money in Iceland. You can also check out our hotel deals section. We have also gotten great deals for our readers with many of the best tour operators and guides in Iceland. Finally, you can browse through more than 400 tours on our tour portal. To get the best value for money, book tours that have a a combination of high volume of reviews and a high review score.

Differences in traveling styles revealed

The polls also reveal many interesting facts about people who travel to Iceland. For example, Americans and Scandinavians stay shorter then people from Southern Europe. Scandinavians are most likely to travel with children and the British are least likely to rent a car on their tour.

The original news story in English on the Gallup site  (in Icelandic)