One of the most intriguing places in Iceland is underneath its second largest glacier, Langjökull. This is the man made ice tunnel which burrows deep into Langjökull glacier. It is 550 meters deep and goes 30 meters down into the glacier. It took 14 months to build the tunnel and some 7 thousand tons of ice were excavated during its construction. As it turns out, it is also the perfect place to perform the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper song ‘Shallow’. Who have thought!

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Incredible acoustics deep inside an glacier – hear Shallow performed there

In just a few years the Langjökull ice tunnel has become one of Iceland´s most popular travel destination. And for a good reason. This place is just out of this world. At its heart is a chapel and the acoustics there are just incredible. This was demonstrated by Icelandic rock musician Matti Matt. He performed a cover of the monster hit Shallow from the film A Star is Born which stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Matti posted a video of his performance on Youtube. Needless to say, it was a big hit.

This cover certainly is adding to Matti´s own star power. The video of his performance of Shallow t has been watched thousands of times and viewer response is overwhelmingly positive.  The performance of Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the Oscars was of course legendary, but personally I am more into the ice tunnel than the Oscars! What did you think about his performance and the surroundings? Tell us in the comments below.