If you like taking photos of lighthouses (and who doesn’t?) a visit to Iceland might provide you with the perfect scene.
Interestingly the history of lighthouses in Iceland is not that long. The first lighthouse was built in Iceland in 1878 and today you can find well over 100 lighthouses dispersed along the Icelandic coastline and almost all of them are are in great shape and easily accessible to photographers. You are not as lucky if you want to take a peek at their insides, since only a few are open to public inspection. If that’s your game you could try Garðskagaviti at the tip of Reykjanes or Akranesviti in Akranes.

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One of the more picturesque lighthouses is the small Stafnesviti, located at Stafnes in the Reykjanes peninsula. Nestled between the towns Sandgerði and Hafnir it’s not the largest one to be found in Iceland but trust me, if your’e looking for a lighthouse scene, it’s a visit you won’t regret. Built in 1925 of concrete Stafnesviti stands 11.5 m. tall and beautifully orange.

How to get there?

From Reykjavik, follow road no. 41 to Keflavik (or Reykjanesbaer as it is also known). Find road no. 45 and the lighthouse is at the western edge of the Reykjanes peninsula.