How cool is it to combine a tour of the famous Golden Circle and snowmobiling?

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My favorite Vlogger Asgeir of ´Do More Asgeir´fame has just released a new video where he does excactly that. This time he takes a guy called Marco on a winter trip around the Golden Circle which includes such attractions as Thingvellir, Gullfoss waterfall (please be careful there in winter as things are slippery and respect the barriers put up there) and the Haukadalur Geyser field. To make things a bit more interesting they added an awesome snowmobile ride on Langjökull glacier where they enter an ice cave. Please don´t do anything like that unless you are with a guide that knows what she is doing.

Book Golden Circle and Snowmobiling tour today

You can actually book a tour which both shows you the magical Golden Circle gives you an opportunity to go on a fantastic snowmobile ride across Langjökull glacier.  You can also check out the Golden Circle itinerary which I prepared for you. This itinerary covers all the main points of interest on this legendary part of Iceland.