Confession time is here and I admit that I  have a sweet tooth. So for me it was both a blessing and a curse when (Website / Facebook page) opened. Reykjavik,  and Iceland in general, has plenty of nice bakeries and cafés. But there is something extra special about the simple carbs that Brauð og Co offers. In my opinion they have the best pastry in Reykjavik. And no this is not an ad. I have no affiliation with Brauð & Co. I just happened to walk past their bakery in downtown Reykjavik this morning and got myself a good cup of coffee and some amazing piece of sugary loveliness. The lady at the counter told me that their biggest clientele were young travelers.

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Organic sourdough bakery

Brauð & Co describe themselves as ´an organic sourdough bakery which is inspired by tradition and simplicity.´ Their pastries and bread don´t look fancy, in fact it is all a bit rugged. But that´s Iceland for you. My personal favorite are the vanilla buns. They are simply to die for. But their organic and yeast free sourdough bread is just incredible as well. Brauð & Co have it as their ambition to serve sourdough bread warm and fresh all day long.

How to find the best pastry in Reykjavik

Brauð & Co is currently located in three places: