One of the best indoor and family-friendly activities in Reykjavik is FlyOver Iceland. It uses state-of-the-art technology to give the sensation of flying over many of Iceland’s stunning natural wonders. Therefore I am thrilled to offer my readers a promotional code which gives you a 20% off the admission price of this fantastic exhibition. Sign up for my newsletter below and receive an email with a discount promo for Fly-Over Iceland and discount promo codes for many top-quality Icelandic tours, activities, car rentals, and camper van rentals. To use the promo codes, enter them when you book the tour or activity online.

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See huge glaciers and gorgeous fjords at FlyOver Iceland

FlyOver Iceland is a technological wonder. It gives you this incredible feeling of flying over stunning landscapes. You sit suspended, with your feet dangling and a 20-meter (65 feet) screen. The combination of gyrations of the seat, the special effects, which include wind, mist, and scents, and the incredible footage shown on the screen create an unforgettable experience. I have been to FlyOver Iceland twice and I had a great time. Flyover Iceland shows you pearls of Icelandic nature from a unique perspective and places that are difficult to reach.

The locations visited at FlyOver Iceland in Reykjavik.
The locations visited at FlyOver Iceland in Reykjavik.

I must admit that I was pretty sceptical of FlyOver Iceland when I first heard of. I thought that since I had been all over Iceland I would not be seeing anything new. My concern was also that the show it itself was unimpressive. Well, I was dead wrong on both points.

See the FlyOver Iceland trailer video

Virtual flight over awesome Iceland

The exhibition is based on the popular Flyover Canada in Vancouver. It is a virtual flight over Iceland’s incredible nature. Guests sit in seats that move and shift in tune with what is going on the screen. Viewers are immersed in the show with help from state of the art technology. Wind and water spray helps to engage the senses.

You don't need crampons when you soar above glaciers at FlyOver Iceland
You don’t need crampons when you soar above glaciers at FlyOver Iceland

Stomachs flutter

The show takes you all over the country. I think it shows you about 30 locations all over Iceland. The production value is incredible and the ‘flight’ over Icelandic nature is shockingly realistic. We found ourselves holding the rail, our stomachs fluttered and just laughed with sheer joy. If I have one gripe, it is that the beauty and the number of details you would like to follow as you ‘fly’ over the landscapes is just overwhelming. I want to ‘take flight’ again so I can take it all in better. My brain can only handle so much awesomeness!

Location of Flyover Iceland

The show is located in the Grandi area of western Reykjavik.