Sushi Social is without a doubt one of Reykjavík´s most popular restaurants. It serves an exciting blend of high-end sushi (with a twist), Japanese favorites and south-American grill dishes. It is also known for it’s a great variety of Mojitos, our favorite being the Chili mojito!

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This is where the cool kids hang out

The atmosphere is always fun and bubbly. It is one of the great hang-outs for friend-groups and very popular with the younger generation. It is also one of the few restaurants that have late opening hours in the kitchen, making it very popular with theatre, concert, and cinema-goers.

Beef tenderloin.
Beef tenderloin.

Whetting your appetite with excellent Reykjavik sushi

The food is excellent. The sushi is not necessarily your typical sushi, this Reykjavik sushi is adventurous and complicated. We had the Surf and turf roll, with high-end beef tenderloin, deep-fried langoustine, avocado and spicy mayo, and the Samba roll with tuna, mango, cream cheese, and pickled red onion. Both were excellent.

Chocolate fudge.
Chocolate fudge.

What a meal!

The starters we had were Salmon Chevice and Beef Tataki, both very fresh and tasty, not to mention beautifully presented. For our mains, we had the beef tenderloin with truffle potatoes and celeriac root mayo and Chicken Yakitori, grilled chicken thighs with yakitori sauce, leeks, slow cooked egg, amazu ponzu, and fried mushrooms. We particularly liked the beef, and the chicken was very interesting.

For dessert, we tried the Chocolate fudge, served with fresh berries and caramel sauce and then the “Icelandic dessert of the year”, a chocolate bowl with a cherry/chocolate mousse.

Don’t miss this saving tip

The service is impeccable, and the prices are similar to other high-end restaurants, so not that cheap. BUT! here is my tip: Follow Sushi Social on Facebook as they have amazing offers for their Facebook friends almost every day, except for Fridays and Saturdays. We, for instance, got all the amazing food above, with a glass of Cava included for only 32 euros per person. This is their current Sunday offer, called Dinner for 2.

Stuck in Iceland highly recommends Sushi Social!