Our favorite Vlogger Asgeir of DoMore Asgeir fame has released a new video where he embarks on a boozy nighttime adventure in Reykjavik in the middle of the week (tut tut). In the new video he is documenting his participation in the recent Reykjavik Bar Summit where bars and bar tenders compete. This festival takes three days and ensures that you have plenty of drink and then some.

Ásgeir starts out at the Slippbarinn which serves really nice cocktails and I do recommend it if you are into those. The action moves to B5 which I am not a fan of. For some reason Asgeir felt a little “tired” on day two but he returns for the “Battle of the Continents” at the wonderful Harpa Concert and Conference Center. There things get wild and the bartenders do what they can to  win over the crowd.