Package holiday specialists TravelBird have chosen Reykjavik city as the most inspirational for winter travel. Their ranking uses eight criteria associated with innovation and creativity.

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Reykjavik City comes out on top

TravelBird began with a list of inspiring cities worldwide. It ranked 85 vibrant locations and calculated the Inspirational Rank of each city. Factors such as performing arts companies, art schools, art galleries, museums, music production, film industry and startups counted. Each city was ranked by the number of Google searches for romance-focused keywords in the native language.

Smaller cities rule the roost

TravelBird found that many larger cities did not rank as high as smaller cities. Reykjavik city came fifth in the Inspirational Cities Ranking. Reykjavik city scored first as a winter city. It also scored first for the number of museums per 100,000 citizens. Reykjavik came in the top 25 for the number of performing arts companies, art schools, art galleries, film industry facilities and start ups.