Icelandic superstar Bríet burst into the Icelandic music scene a few years ago. Immediately, this self-made young woman charmed Iceland with her irresistible star power. What captured people’s hearts and minds is how deeply personal and authentic her music is. She stands out from the noise of what is colloquially called the ‘music industry. She writes and sings about her life experiences in a way that even a middle-aged curmudgeon like yours truly, completely forgets his grumpy skepticism. Bríet’s stardom was not manufactured by a marketing team with a carefully crafted campaign; she won us over with her authenticity and undeniable talent.

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Video: Bríet performs at Eldborg in Harpa


Bríet defies the sceptics

She famously gave all the people who had asked her who wrote her music the finger when she was awarded the 2021 Icelandic music awards as the best lyric writer. I just loved that moment for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, I have only seen Bríet perform live once. It was at the 2022 Iceland Airwaves, and judging by the number of international guests in the auditorium and their enthusiastic response, Bríet is gaining a following worldwide even though she has mostly released her music in Icelandic. I want to bring my readers the best of all things Icelandic, so I have worked hard to clinch a few moments out of Bríet’s busy schedule for a short interview.

Bríet performs at the 2022 Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Bríet performs at the 2022 Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Hey Bríet, you must be so busy, so thanks for taking the time for this interview. Can you tell me about what projects you are working on?

HIIIIIII! Thank you for reaching out!
Currently I’ve canceled all shows and gigs to try and get my ass up to work on new music. I go to the studio every day but end up spending too much time on my phone and not getting any work done, which leaves me a little baffled. I guess I’m waiting for the inspiration to strike me. But I’m also currently a judge on the Icelandic Idol so that’s kind of the only thing going on for me at this moment.

Bríet getting ready for a show.
Bríet getting ready for a show.

You are gaining a following worldwide, will your fans abroad be able to see you perform live outside of Iceland in 2023?

Excited to say that I will be performing in Denmark in March and May, and also at G-Festival in Faroe Islands in July. More Scandinavian gigs might be announced soon. 😉

So that’s very exciting, I want to perform more outside of Iceland and that’s my main goal in 2023 and beyond!

Icelandic singer Bríet celebrating the new year.
Icelandic singer Bríet celebrating the new year.

What are your favorite places or activities here in Iceland?

The swimming pools, they are my haven!

I love to go there to stop thinking for a while and rest my brain. I have one special secret pool I go to where nobody knows me and people are not asking me for my picture while I am butt naked in the shower, haha. I also love to drive around and soak in the Icelandic nature. You don’t have to go that far out of the city to see spectacular landscapes and views.

What Icelandic musicians would you recommend to my readers?

Wow so many.

And than more of the younger crowd I´d say

There’s alot going on in Iceland music wise, and I’m forgetting so many but these are the ones I could think of from the top of my head.

What advice would you give those visiting Iceland for the first time?

Drink water from the sink, it’s the cleanest water in the world!