They are here to destroy capitalism and perhaps sell a few t-shirts while they are at it. Their challenge to Israeli prime minister Netanyahu to a bout of traditional Icelandic wrestling, ‘Glíma’, has made international news. They will represent Iceland at the 2019 Eurovision song contest with their song Hatrið mun sigra (Hate Will Prevail). They are the anti-capitalist BDSM techno performance art group Hatari from Iceland (Hater). Their parent company is Svikamylla which lies at the center of the Hatari universe. I am a big fan so I was curious to know what they had to say to aspiring travelers to Iceland*

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Thank you Hatari for taking the time from your mission of toppling capitalism to talk about Iceland as a traveling destination. Can you start by singing the praises of your sponsors, Soda Dream?

We praise our sponsors gladly at every occasion, both when we are paid to do so and at our own leisure. SodaDream are the exporters of the purest water on Earth, so that more people can enjoy it! Dare to dream.

Would it be possible for me and this magazine to be sponsored or even bought by Soda Dream as well? What would it take to get bought by such a massively profitable brand?

Judging by the grandeur of your media outlet, we would suggest beginning negotiations with a price of five million Euros. The question is not whether to sell oneself, but of the price. The good people at SodaDream would definitely look into such an inquiry.

Icelandic techno band Hatari from Iceland plays in Eurovision song contest.
Hatari from Iceland pose for fame.

You challenged PM Netanyahu to a match of Icelandic wrestling. If he wins, he gets Westman Islands and if you win, the prize is a piece of Israel which will be turned into a BDSM colony. Why did you choose Westman Islands as Netanyahu’s prize?

The Westman Islands are rich in natural resources, wildlife, and even have a golf course. What’s more, the islands are scarcely populated and removing the indigenous inhabitants would be relatively manageable.

Icelanders are crazy about Eurovision and Icelandic Eurovision parties are legendary. Are you big Eurovision fans yourselves and if so, what kind of Eurovision party would you throw?

Yes. We love to smile and sing together. We love happy occasions and smiling children.

This is a traveling magazine about Iceland so it is important that I ask Hatari from Iceland about traveling to maintain the proper illusion of everyday life. So that is why I ask you what are your favorite places or activities in Iceland and why?

Our favorite activities in Iceland include consuming local consumer products such as our four track EP, which we named Consumer Product.

What advice would you give to those who are visiting Iceland for the first (or last) time?

We advise everyone, including those who are considering Iceland as a holiday destination, to follow international law and refrain from using scathing remarks about the United Nations.




*I am really just trying to get more clicks to my site.