The people who use Stuck in Iceland for their planning for their Iceland seem to be super interested in waterfalls. At least that is what readership of our content indicates. So we are happy to add an article beloved Goðafoss waterfall, the aptly named ´Waterfall of the gods´

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Jon Heidar, Editor of Stuck in Iceland Travel Magazine

Blind to beauty

We have often visited Goðafoss on our travels. It is perhaps a bit like Mt. Esja. To us it seemed rather mundane place although we thought it was really nice for hiking. But since we wrote about it it is one of the most popular articles in the magazine. We are blind to the wonderful places all around us here.

Goðafoss Waterfall.
Goðafoss Waterfall.

Goðafoss waterfall is the first stop on the popular northern eastern route called the Diamond Circle. If you fancy taking a road trip, you can get our free Diamond Circle Road Trip plan. The name Goðafoss is derived from the legend of the Chieftain Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði. He was instumental in deciding that Icelanders should convert to Christianity at Althingi Parliament in 1000 CE. Through his wisdom he was able to avert an all out war between the pagans and the Christians.

Origins of the name of Goðafoss Waterfall

The legend states that Thorgeir threw his pagan wooden idols into the waterfall when he returned from parliament. Thorgeir´s role in settling the dispute is well documented in the ´Book of the Icelanders´(or Íslendingabók). But there is no mention of Þorgeir disposing of his idols in the waterfall in the account in the ´Book of the Icelanders´ Whatever the truth of the name of the waterfall, we strongly advice against throwing anything in there today.

Goðafoss Waterfall is divinely beautiful

We visited Goðafoss last summer on our way from Akureyri to Lake Mývatn. The waterfall was beautiful in the wintry landscape. The air was cool and brisk, just the way we like it. Goðafoss is 12 meters high and 30 meter wide. There is a short walk up to waterfall and it is easily accessible on both sides. So budding photographers can get many shots of it from different angle. Visit it and ponder its divineness.

Visit Aldeyjarfoss

If you have the time, you should drive north towards the stunning Aldeyjarfoss.

How to get to Goðafoss Waterfall

Drive from Akureyri on highway one. It will take you some 40 minutes to get there.