I get a lot of flak from my wife that I work much too hard. She is right of course. I recently found out that I had 7.5 of vacation days from last year so I just had to take a break. So we took couple of days off before the Easter vacation to make the most of it. We drove north to my hometown of Akureyri and the mission was simple. Relax! One important part of that was to experience the Lake Myvatn Nature Baths.

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Getting on the Diamond Circle

We drove from Akureyri and the weather was quite lovely on the way. We passed the tunnel through Vadlaheidi mountain that will shorten the way to destinations on the Diamond Circle in the North Eastern Iceland from Akureyri considerably.

Nice day at the Lake Myvatn Nature baths.
Nice day at the Lake Myvatn Nature baths.

Great Destinations in the North East of Iceland

These include the whale watching capital of the north, Húsavík, Dimmuborgir lava field, Ásbyrgi canyon, Hljóðaklettar rock formations, the volcanic Krafla and Godafoss waterfall and the fossil deposits at Tjörnes peninsula.

Driving to Lake Myvatn

We had an enjoyable ride to Lake Myvatn, the weather was great most of the way and we were treated to fantastic views. But when we got to Lake Myvatn the weather changed a bit, it got overcast and there was light snowing. I actually was happy with this. There are few feelings better than sitting in hot water in cold weather. After thorough showering, as is mandatory in Iceland we got out into the baths.

Nature baths at Lake Myvatn in the dead of winter.
Nature baths at Lake Myvatn in the dead of winter.

Soaking in the Lake Myvatn Nature Baths

The geothermal water was pleasantly warm. The baths have two large areas, when we were there the areas had different temperatures. I really enjoyed the view from the baths, the area around Lake Myvatn is just beautiful. The baths have two spouts that jet water and give you a great back, shoulder and neck massage. The baths have plenty of places to sit and soak. When the snowflakes come drifting down it is just perfect to feel the warmth of the water loosen up all the stress in your body and mind and meditate. If you are so inclined you can get a beer to further your relaxing.

Get Steamed

You could say that the natural baths at Myvatn are close to the source of some seriously mineral infused steaming water from volcanic neighbourhood. The baths are supplied from the massive bore hole at Bjarnarflag where it is a blistering 130°C The lagoon itself has water with carefully controlled temperatures ranging from 36 – 40°C. It is easy to find your footing there as the bottom of the baths is smooth sand and gravel. I can tell you that the water at the natural baths works wonders on sensitive skin like I have myself.

Heading back

After we had soaked and relaxed for a good hour or two we headed back to Akureyri. Of course we stopped at the lovely Godafoss waterfall.