At the end of 2015 I just can´t believe how successful my little online travel magazine has become. Of course I owe its success to all of my readers, people who are looking for beautiful places to and fun things to do in Iceland. I do hope that my site has helped you having a great trip to Iceland. I am also indebted to all the wonderful people who have shared their experience of visiting Iceland. I could not have done this without you all so please keep your wonderful content coming. Together we have published over 100 Iceland themed articles in 2015!

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Mount Esja hiking trail.
Mount Esja hiking trail.

Stupendous Traffic Growth
An incredible 120 thousand people used my site in 2015, a growth of over 162 per cent from 2014. I am especially gratified about the growth of people finding Iceland related travel articles on my site through Google which amounts to 138 per cent compared from 2014. The number of users finding Stuck in Iceland through Google Search 2015 is an astounding 65 thousand people. The incredibly nice people at and Iceland Monitor also supported the site by covering a lot of articles on the site. 2015 was the year I reached 100,000 readers but I have to tell you that I seem to be a few weeks away from reaching 200,000. That is just mind blowing for me.

Thanks to two awesome guys
The co-founder of Stuck in Iceland, Sigurdur Fjalar Jonsson decided to hand the project over to me since he has been really busy with his day job and his calling of special needs teaching. I thank him for starting Stuck in Iceland with me. Egill R. Erlendsson is one of the leading WordPress programmer in the world and he has given me invaluable help in improving the site. Thanks Egill for your incredible help!

The Holuhraun eruption got pretty intense.
The Holuhraun eruption got pretty intense.

The Icelandic Seasons Project – Thanks for Your Support
 I also want to thank everyone that pledged their support to the Karolina Fund project Icelandic Seasons which unfortunately did not meet the minimum amount of support. But still, the team behind the project got a lot of media coverage and pledges and for that we in the team are eternally grateful.

Lómagnúpur Mountain. One of my favorite!
Lómagnúpur Mountain. One of my favorite!

In 2016 I wow to do my very best for you who love Iceland!
This success is both humbling and exhilarating at the same time. In the new year I will try my very best to source and create quality content, text, video and photographs and expand my new online store with quality Icelandic themed products from Icelandic craftspeople. I run Stuck in Iceland as a hobby project and I am really busy with my day job. But I will do my very best for you guys.

Here are the most popular articles in 2015:

  1. My good friend and rising international music star Shelita Burke writes about her experience of playing in Iceland
  2. I write about the much loved Reykjavik hiking trail up Mt. Esja
  3. Mike Whitten writes about his incredible Icelandic road trip, complete a trip to a volcanic eruption
  4. Stan Klasz interviewed about his incredible Iceland photos
  5. The waterfall Gljúfrabúi is a lovely hidden waterfall
  6. My good friend Tor Bilski wrote a great piece about her journey to the North of Iceland to find about Agnes, the main character in the novel Burial Rites by Hannah Kent
  7. Paul Hutchinson is a good friend of mine and a man of many talents. He found this hidden gem of a hot spring
  8. Simeon and Elizabeth Smith are pretty cool people from the UK. They visited Iceland and went all in. Their story is fun to read
  9. My great friend Martin Schulz photographed Brúarfoss waterfall. As always his pictures are a joy to look at
  10. Italian filmmakers Sofia E. Rovati and Alex Sykulak were interviewed about their Kickstarter project which was about creating a documentary about the search for the holy grail in the Icelandic highlands. I kid you not.

I am just so grateful for your continued support and from the bottom of my heart I wish you a happy new year 2016.