Iceland does not have a reputation to being a ´cheap´country to visit. And honestly, that is not our aspiration. We want to be a high value destination. But in spite of that, there are plenty of things you can do if you want to travel to Iceland on a budget.

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Use the hotel deals finder for hotel booking

I discovered that enables me show you a deal finder. I have a special page on the site which has hotel deal finding widgets for the whole of Iceland. You can also use the widget below to find the best deals on hotel rooms in Reykjavik.


Travel in Iceland on a Budget – getting around

Many of Iceland´s main attractions are outside of Reykjavik. You can of course rent a modest car. A Toyota Yaris for example is fine for driving on the main roads summer. If you are traveling to Iceland in the wintertime make sure that the car that you rent is prepared for wintry conditions. You must also be ready to tackle low visibility, snow, icy roads, gale force winds or heavy rain. Perhaps the best way to save money when getting around in Iceland is to take the bus. Buses have WiFi and are a reliable way to get around.  As a bonus you get a windshield tour along your way. In Reykjavik use the bus. You can even download a app for your smartphone which enables you pay for bus tickets by credit card, see where the buses are at any given time and of course the timetable is available there too.

Search for great deals on flights to Iceland

There are a lot of great deals on flights to Iceland. Use the search engine from Cheap Air to find good prices on flights to Iceland.

Shop at low price supermarkets

Look for Bónus or Krónan if you are going shopping for food or non alcoholic drinks. These are the cheapest supermarkets.


Ask for fish of the day during lunch time

Restaurants often have great deals on fish on the day on their lunch menu. You are in Iceland. Taste the fish it is great!


Use Coupons

I have used the app successfully to get discounts or 2-1 deals on a variety of restaurants, tours and shops all over Iceland.

Don´t buy water in plastic bottles

Lot of travelers buy water in plastic bottles. Please don´t do this. Icelandic tap water is one of the best water in the world. Bring your own refillable bottle and fill it up with the next cold water tap. Get delicious water for free and save money!

Watch out for faux beer at supermarkets

One of the saddest things I see is people walking out of supermarkets with cans of low alcohol beer. Alcoholic drinks are only sold at bars or the State run monopoly. If low alcohol beer is your thing, great. But if not, it is no reason to waste money on watery swill.

Happy hour indeed

Get the Appy Hour app and take advantage of happy hours at Reykjavik bars.

Get your booze at the airport

You probably got it by now. Alcahol is expensive in Iceland. So one way to safe is to buy booze at the Tax Free shop at Keflavik airport.