One of my favorite bands is the uber-cool, and a self-described synth-punk trio from Iceland, Kælan Mikla (The Big Chill). These three Icelandic queens of goth have been on the music scene since 2013. Their first hit, Kalt, was released two years later. Since then, they have traveled the world and thrilled and chilled audiences with their unique audiovisual style. Kælan mikla is currently working on their fourth album. They have already released one song from it. The first single is called Sólstöður (Solstice), and I find it one of their strongest songs.  The accompanying music video is also pretty great (see below). I daresay it is all really Icelandic! I last saw them performing with the Icelandic rock legends Ham at the Reykjavik art gallery Hafnarhús. What a great evening that was!

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Jon Heidar, Editor of Stuck in Iceland Travel Magazine

Hey Kælan mikla, thank you for taking the time for this interview. I know you must be really busy. Can you tell me more about your upcoming album?

Thank you! We have spent the past year working full time on the album with our producer, Barði Jóhannsson (of Bang Gang fame), arranging and recording songs written over the past three years. It’s safe to say that this is the most work we have ever put into a project, we are very proud and excited about it. Working with Barði has been great, he has helped us push our limits and expand our sound in a very powerful way. The new album explores inner turmoil and coming to terms with it, as well as being inspired by dark fairytales, Icelandic nature, and a step deeper into the visual work we’ve created as Kælan Mikla.

Kælan mikla plays in Reykjavik Iceland
Kælan Mikla are the Icelandic Queen of Goth

Can your fan expect you to travel abroad to follow the album?

Yes! We plan on touring following our release as soon as it’s safe and allowed.

Does singing in Iceland make it easier or harder to connect with your audience?

We sing in Icelandic because it feels the most natural to us. We can express ourselves better in our own language. Many ask us if it wouldn’t be an easier market if we sang in English, but our fans seem to find it fascinating and mysterious and they can still feel the emotion of the music.

is Icelandic culture or nature an influence or inspiration to you?

Icelandic culture and nature inspire our upcoming album. We use themes of folklore, mythology, landscapes, and nature in our lyrics. The raw power of Icelandic nature and history is really beautiful to us and our next album is in many ways an ode to our heritage.

Where can I see Kælan Mikla playing again in Iceland?

We will be playing Norðanpaunk, Ascension festival, and Iceland Airwaves this year!

What are your favorite places in Iceland and why?

Mosfellsdalur, Hvalfjörður, and Krýsuvík are perfect for a small day trip close to Reykjavík. If you have more time Ásbyrgi and Dettifoss have beautiful magical energies and nature there is out of this world. For the witches out there we’d recommend the Westfjords, the source of Icelandic sorcery in the 1600s.

Fanboy poses with Kælan Mikla
Fanboy alert!

What advice would Kælan mikla give to people who are traveling to Iceland for the first time?

In Reykjavík, you should walk around and spot small events but don’t stay too long in Reykjavík! Rent a car, drive around, camp in rural camping places, drink water from the streams, respect nature, and please quarantine if you are asked to!

Music video to the song Sólstöður by Kælan mikla

Very goth indeed.

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