Surprising discovery about Iceland´s origin are revealed in a new videoþ In light of those revelations. It seems right to the call the country ´Instagram Iceland´ rather than just ´Iceland´

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Instagram in crisis

Back in 2014, the photo based social media giant Instagram realized that all beauty in the world had already been photographed. This was catastrophic for a social media platform that grows its user base and keeps it engaged with beautiful photography. Drastic action had to be taken.

Shock! Iceland was created by Instagram

The video below reveals that Instagram decided to create a beautiful photogenic place. It was to be perfect for photographing and sharing. Instagram Iceland was made from scratch in a massive building project. This was an island just for Instagram. This is the place we know as Iceland today.

Iceland is the baby of Lord of the Rings and a screensaver

The creative brief was simple. This photogenic island was to have the aesthetic of a baby made by´Lord of the Rings´and a screensaver. Puffins were actually made up by Instagram. Also the entire island is prefiltered so it is optimized for Instagram. I am shocked.

Watch the Instagram Iceland video

It is safe to say that this gamble has payed off in a big way. If you check out the Instragam #Iceland feed, that is pictures that are hashtagged #Iceland are just over ten million (see below). And you can watch the video below if you are sceptical. I know this new information is shocking to many. Especially for us who have lived here for ages.