Excited about going to the Icelandic highlands in a Land Rover super jeep with one of the most experienced driver guides in the country? Want to drive through rivers, lava fields and head up to the volcano Hekla which once was known as the gateway to hell? Want to bath in a natural hot spring after all this travel in an otherworldly environment? Then you should join the  Iceland highland tour Landmannalaugar & Hekla Volcano tour Read on to find out how you can get a 10% discount when you book the tour online.

The Icelandic flag at Landmannalaugar.
The Icelandic flag at Landmannalaugar.

Book the Highly Rated Highland Tour and get 10% Discount

If you head to the Moonwalker web site and enter the promo code ´STUCK´ when you book the five star rated Iceland highland tour Landmannalaugar & Hekla Volcano tour, you will receive a 10% discount of the tour. This offer is exclusive for the Stuck in Iceland community. The offer is valid throughout 2019.

About our friends at Moonwalker

Moonwalker is one of the leading independent tour companies in Iceland and just the kind of company we at Stuck in Iceland love working with. Bessi Jónsson is the man behind the company. The best way to get to know Moonwalker and Bessi is through Instagram and Facebook.

Landrover in the Icelandic highlands.
This Moonwalker Landrover superjeep is not on Mars. It is in the Icelandic highlands.

Passion for Land Rovers and fun

Bessi´s sense of humour, his passion for Land Rovers and thirst for adventure shines through on his social media accounts. But the quality of his tours and the fun you will have with him is reflected in the almost 300 reviews on TripAdvisor, which all give the company 5 star rating.

Háifoss waterfall in Iceland.
Háifoss waterfall in Iceland.

Get more info and book the highland tour today

For more details and booking with the promo code ´STUCK´ for 10% discount head to the tour page.

If you book this tour using the promo code you help to support this indie travel magazine.

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