Here is yet another video from our favorite V-logger Asgeir. Here he takes two of his friends on a road trip in South Iceland and they visit the Skógarfoss waterfall and hike up the Sólheimajökull glacier.

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The video starts with Asgeir showing us great tips on how to dress for the rough weather (mild NSFW!). Start off with a layer of wool, then fleece and top it off with breathable shell. You also need quality boots, a warm hat and gloves.

As mentioned earlier Asgeir´s destination is the glacier of Sólheimajökull (try to say that after a couple pints!). The road trip to the glacier takes them along the south coast. On the way they go to Skógarfoss waterfall but fail to find the treasure chest that is hidden behind it according to legend.

After gearing up they embark on the glacier and walk on the 700 years old ice. Asgeir and friends enter a crevice, we urge you never to do something like that unless you have professionals with you who make sure everything is totally safe. In any case never, ever go on an Icelandic glacier unless you have a professional guide with you.

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