One of the best things about the internet is Spotify. I just find it incredible that you are able to have most of the published music in the world in your pocket at all times. I listen to music all the time and I thought it might be a good idea to create a Spotify playlist with Icelandic music which would belong to the entire Stuck in Iceland community. It would be open and the only rule is that the music needs to be Icelandic. Since the Icelandic music scene is so dynamic, expect this article and the playlist to be frequently updated.

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Check out the Stuck in Iceland Spotify playlist with Icelandic music

I will start the playlist with my favorite music but please add to the playlist with Icelandic music you love. 

Strangest Spotify playlist with Icelandic music you have ever heard

However, I struggled a little with this idea. The thing is that I have a pretty eclectic taste in music. So I might be out running and listening to Skálmöld going at it full throttle. Then I will be delighted if the rapper Cell7 comes on with her super smooth tunes or if the Kælan mikla sends a chill down my spine. So this Spotify playlist of Icelandic music is going to be strange to say the least. But I decided not to overthink this, the beauty of Spotify is that you can always skip to the next song. In any case, I hope that this playlist will help discover Icelandic musicians.

Roaring Skálmöld
Roaring Skálmöld. Photo by Martin Schulz.

Enter the moshpit

So like I say, this playlist will be a mix of different things. The first band I added to the list is the heavy metal band Skálmöld. They have been a favorite of this metalhead since they launched their debut album ‘Baldur’ in 2011.

The legendary Katla.
The legendary Katla.

The duo Katla is another metal band that deserves a lot more attention so I added a few of their songs. One of them, Gummi,  is actually a driver-guide for the leading Icelandic Moonwalker.

Sólstafir is on the list too, of course, I have enjoyed their music for ages. 

Sólstafir on stage.
Sólstafir on stage.

Supersmooth Ásgeir

I switch gears and now I add the Icelandic legend Ásgeir. He is probably one of Iceland’s most successful artists as is evident by his numbers on Spotify. If you haven’t listened to this guy I would give it a try right now. His songs and singing are can be just painfully beautiful. 

Late to this party

Valdimar is another artist I have started listening to a lot. He has been well known for ages but for some reason, I was never a huge fan. But with the release of his album, I finally discovered the obvious. Valdimar is awesome. 

The feminist rap group Daughters of Reykjavik
The feminist rap group Daughters of Reykjavik

The fierce Daughters of Reykjavik

The ultracool feminist rap band Reykjavíkurdætur, the daughters of Reykjavik, take no prisoners.  Their biggest hit on Spotify is Hæpið.

Here come the wolves

The rap duo Úlfur Úlfur is regarded by many as the best in the business. Their best song, in my opinion, is Tarantúlur (Tarantulas). Just epic.

Head west

Between Mountains is a cool duo from the Westfjords of Iceland. Their upbeat music is perfect for road trips. They only have two songs on Spotify but they are recording more material.

The nicest guy in Icelandic pop

It is safe to that Daði Freyr is the nicest guy in Icelandic pop. He should have won the Icelandic competition to represent Iceland in Eurovision in 2018. His entry ‘Hvað með það’ is fantastic. He has released a lot of more good stuff since then.

The pioneer of Icelandic rap, Cell7
The pioneer of Icelandic rap, Cell7

Listen to the pioneer

Cell7 is a pioneer of the Icelandic hip hop scene. Listening to her song ‘City Lights’ is just one of lives little pleasures.

The Icelandic duo Ylja.
The Icelandic duo Ylja.

Ylja reinvent the classics

The folk-pop duo Ylja recently released an album with Icelandic classics called Dætur (Daughters). Their renditions give new life to music I have heard so often. 

Teitur Magnusson and his band, Æðisgengið, perform at the church in Selárdalur in the Westfjords
Teitur Magnusson and his band, Æðisgengið, perform at the church in Selárdalur in the Westfjords

The guy with the epic beard

Teitur Magnússon is a musician I met at the celebration of the life of eccentric artist Samúel Jónsson in remote Selárdalur in the Westfjords. Check out his song ‘Vinur vina minna’ or ‘Friends of my friends’

The Icelandic pop icon Auður.
The Icelandic pop icon Auður. Apparently he is very popular with the female demographic. I have no idea why.

Thinking about you when he is stoned

The Icelandic pop icon Auður is having a meteoric rise here in Iceland. His top song (Freðinn – or stoned)  is about how he thinks about the girls of his dreams when he is stoned. It’s quite a catchy number. 

GDRN at the Icelandic Music Awards
GDRN at the Icelandic Music Awards

Sweeping the Icelandic Music Awards

The singer GDRN cleaned up at 2019 Icelandic Music Awards. Her song ‘Lætur mig’ is quite the guilty pleasure.

The big chill

Kælan mikla is a bit different from, well, everybody. Their goth synth-punk is sometimes just what you need. Their chilling songs (pun intended – Kælan mikla means, ‘The Big Chill) are perfect when cycling home on a cold rainy night. 

Mammút is not extinct

Mammút is a favorite of mine. In 2017 they released an album in English called Kinder version. I really like the song The Moon Will Never Turn on Me.

Hate will prevail

Hatari swept Eurovision in 2019 and gave Israel a heart attack when they showed the Palestinian flag on stage. Their best song is ‘Biðröð Mistaka’ in my opinion.

Smoothest duo in the business

Högni Egilsson and Sigríður Thorlacius do the vocals in the Icelandic band Hjaltalín. They both have incredible voices and Hjaltalín’s repertoire is truly impressive.