On my way to the Reykjanesviti lighthouse on the Reykjanes peninsula the other day I stopped nearby the town of Grindavik by a pool or a cauldron that sits right on the beach.

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I have known about the pool for a long time but never knew excactly where it is. It is not marked on any map and a lot of people probably drive past it out without knowing about this gem of nature that is just a few meters from the road. The best way to find the cauldron is to keep an eye on the landscape on the seaside when you are driving from Grindavik (on road 425) and slow down when you see a unusually green field in the barren landscape. Just before you reach the field there is a road with a sign that says “Brimketill” in Icelandic. Drive down the road and, park your car and walk to the ocean.

The cauldron is a magnificent spectacle. According to legend the troll Oddný bathed in it on regular basis. This is why it is called “Pool of Oddný” I do not recommend that you enter the pool. It is probably really dangerous.

Another great destination close to the Troll Bath is the geyser of the poltergeist Gunna.

Health warning: This pool is for trolls only. Humans may lose life or limb should they enter.

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Written by Sigurdur Fjalar Jonsson

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