Booking a hotel in a foreign country which you have never been to before can be stressful. Fortunately we have great sites such as TripAdvisor and to help us with ratings and in-depth descriptions of the hotels. So if you are looking for the best hotels in Iceland you can do much worse than checking out the new Tripadvisor list for the best hotels in Iceland.

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Kicking out the Kardashians!

Hótel Rangá near the village of Hella in the South of Iceland is a favourite of mine, and its reputation was cemented in mind when the hotel owner told Kardashians who were making a lot noise in a hot tub while staying there to quiet down. You will stay classy at Hótel Rangá, no matter who you are!

Ten Best hotels in Iceland in 2019 according to TripAdvisor

1. Canopy by Hilton – Reykjavík
2. Eyja Guldsmeden – Reykjavík
3. Sigló hótel – Siglufjörður
4. Alda Hótel – Reykjavík
5. Hótel Rangá – Hella
6. Silica Hótel – Blue Lagoon
7. Fosshótel – Jökulsárslón glacier lagoon
8. Hótel Berg – Reykjanesbær (Keflavík)
9. Hótel Holt – Reykjavík
10. Centerhotel – Reykjavík[list type=”styled”]

Lovely family run hotel in Akureyri

Another hotel which I want mention is Kjarnalundur Hotel in Akureyri which is run by my sister and brother. The location of this nice family run hotel by the beautiful Kjarnalundur woodlands is perfect.

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