I have never actually met Sorelle Amore but she so much fun to follow on social media. Loyal readers of Stuck in Iceland may remember from her ´Glacial Bikini Photo Shoot´ article where she froze for our viewing pleasure and artistic good sense. Sorelle hails from Australia but she has made Iceland her home. She is now inviting her friends and followers to join her on a Iceland Photo Tour.

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Making Iceland her home

Sorelle has actually done more than made Iceland her home. Her social media is full of inspiring videos and photos from her adopted home land. This year she organized an Iceland photo tour for 12 of her followers to take place last March. This was a huge success as you can see in Sorelle´s video and the Instagram photo stream tagged #TheSorelleExperience. Now she has added two more dates for her photo tours: 20/06/2018 –26/06/2018 and 22/08/2018 – 28/08/2018. These are fully booked but you can let her know if you are interested in joining one of her photo tours in the future.

Sorelle Amor invites you to join her on an Iceland photo shoot tour.
Sorelle Amor invites you to join her on an Iceland photo shoot tour.

Hello Sorelle, and welcome back to Stuck in Iceland. When did you get the idea for the Iceland photo tour?

Out of nowhere, the idea sprung to mind around January this year. I just realised how much fun it would be to travel with 12 new friends around the country I love most. Noticing too that no one seemed to be running any tours that I would want to go on. I wanted a young, fun, photography focused tour where I knew who was leading the group and who the people would be before I arrived for my experience. With my following, I could easily find like minded people who wanted an experience like this also.

I also immediately thought of my good friend David who is an Icelandic tour guide to help assist me in running these experiences. Together, we had all the necessary skills we needed to make this a massive success. And in March we indeed proved this to be the case. It was the most fun I’d had in a long time.

Photo by @Meshna from the Sorelle Amor Iceland photo tour.
Photo by @Meshna from the Sorelle Amor Iceland photo tour.

So you had 12 people on a Iceland photo tour in March. What were the highlights on that trip?

For sure the joy we all felt throughout the experience and the amazing connections. We’re all so incredibly close now, we’re already planning a lot of new trips together. We took away great photos from the experience and amazing memories, but most importantly, family for life.

One of the participants dreamt to have photos of her throughout Iceland in her wedding dress. On Sorelle's tour this wish came true.
One of the participants dreamt to have photos of her throughout Iceland in her wedding dress. On Sorelle’s tour this wish came true.

What will the participants get out of joining the photography experiences?

The experience is heavily based on exploring Iceland as much as possible within the 7 days we have together, photographing the nature and each other to ensure everyone walks away with great photos of themselves from the visit.

I also teach all the participants about photography and the influencer lifestyle. I assist everyone with finding their niche to focus on, provide strategies for growth and how to become a digital nomad – getting paid for your online influencer work and traveling the world if you chose to.


Do you have any favorite places or activities in Iceland that you want to share with my readers

Jokusarlon Glacier Lagoon will forever be my favourite. It’s a humbling moment standing in front of this lagoon and watching the ice float out to sea. Another new experience I got to try in March was also walking on a glacier. I teared up being there because the presence of Mother Nature was truly overwhelming. We live in a beautiful world.

Anything you want to add?

I initially launched the experience with just one date in June available. With 130+ submissions, I opened up a new experience for August which also filled out immediately (wow!).

If you’re interested in joining one of my young, fun, photography and influencer focused tours, please fill out the interest form on my website for any potential upcoming tours.

Thank you very much for having me 🙂

Thank you for doing the interview Sorelle. I encourage my readers to apply for the photo tour today!