You may wonder what attending the famous Icelandic music festival Iceland Airwaves is really like. Well if you haven´t experienced it yourself don´t worry, our friend Asgeir is here to help. As we mentioned in an earlier article Asgeir is an Icelandic guy that wants you to subscribe to his video blog on Youtube, challenge him to experience something in Iceland and he will go ahead and do it and make a video about his experience.

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Luckily for all of us he received a challenge to attend Iceland Airwaves and record his experience. After a frantic search for a pass to the festival which is definately not easy to get with such short notice he was able to get his hands on one. Ásgeir doesn´t do things by half and he intends to do a daily VLog from Iceland Airwaves. Below is his first video where he

…. gets the Iceland Airwaves app (Android – iOS)

…. picks up his armband at the Harpa Concert Hall – see location on Google Maps

…. recommends Íslenski barinn (The Icelandic bar) for their Béarnaise burgers – see location on Google Maps

…. sees DJ Flugvél and Geimskip

…. sees Kippi Kaninus

…. listens to his namesake Ásgeir

…. misses FM Belfast