“A trip to Iceland is like a window into a different world,” says the jazz-folk duo November Pearls. Recently, the duo spent a week in Iceland and recounted some of their experience with Stuck in Iceland. Here’s what Tom and Shelita had to share with us:

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Timeless beauty of Iceland

“Iceland seems to have an energy unlike any other place in the world. The volatility of ground beneath one’s feet is palpable, and that energy manifests in the subtleties of the language, the timeless beauty of the landscape, and the unpredictability of the natural phenomena found therein.

Reykjavik coffee is great!

After our first night in the country, we spent the next six days in downtown Reykjavík, performing and taking in all the city has to offer. Coming from Seattle, WA, United States we know a thing or two about coffee, and we must say that the home-brewed coffee in downtown Reykjavík is great! Every morning, we would grab a cup and watch the weather change from the cafe windows. They say if you don’t like the weather in Iceland, wait five minutes and it will have changed.’ We certainly found that to be refreshing, coming from milder and more predictable climes.

Amazing food

The food in Reykjavík is amazing!!! If you’re walking downtown, you’ve got to try the famous hotdogs, lamb burgers, and the fresh caught local seafood. Each dish is made with care and the presentation is truly top-notch. There are so many quality restaurants in Reykjavík, you really can’t go wrong. Just take a walk around, and you’ll definitely find something surprising and delicious.

Friendly locals

There are plenty of other wonderful things we could mention about Iceland, but what we loved most were the people! Everyone was so accommodating, and really made sure that we had a great time. In our experience, whether we needed help with accommodations, directions, dining, or transportation, the locals were always incredibly friendly. We really appreciate that.

A big thanks to Studio Hljómur for sponsoring our Icelandic tour, to Radio Iceland 89.1 for releasing our debut single “IDEAS” on live radio, and to all the friends we made for making us feel at home. We look forward to coming back soon, and we hope to see you there!

Thank you Stuck in Iceland for taking the time to talk to us!”

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