Currrently, there is a fairly large eruption going on in the Icelandic highlands, just north of Vatnajokull glacier, in a place called Holuhraun.

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As far as we know there is no danger to air travel, people or property at this time. You can stay current with the danger involved by checking with the Icelandic Civil Protection on their web site, Twitter account and on Facebook

Below are the main resources online where you can follow what is going on:

Live webcam from the eruption:
The telecommunications company Míla has a live webcam which overlooks the are where the eruption is taking place. The view there is pretty spectacular.


News and Science
You can read the latest news on the eruption on the web site of the Icelandic National Radio and on the web site of the largest online news site in Iceland,

The Icelandic Meteorology Office is constantly updating their site with the latest news from the eruption and accompanying seismic activity. You can watch a map of earthquakes in the area of the eruption on their web site. You can also follow them on Twitter. Another great Twitter account to follow if you want to keep up with what is going on is the Twitter account of Gisli Olafsson.

The Institute of the Icelandic Earth Sciences has a great Facebook page with impressive photos. If you want to dive into the science, their web site has a news feed with interesting articles.

Photos and videos from the eruption in Iceland:

How to get there
You can´t get there as the area is all closed 🙂 Free flowing lava is dangerous anyway so keep out!