Icelandic companies or organizations with an international presence on social media often take a lot a flak about whaling. This may become an issue again since whaling in Icelandic waters is now (sadly) back in international news. People from all over the world ask: ‘What are you doing to stop whaling in Icelandic waters?´ Sometimes things get a bit more direct and obscene to put it mildly. But many Icelanders oppose whaling. Especially those who work in the international sector. But what is the best way to fight whaling in Iceland. We say it is by going whale watching there.

How do you fight whaling in Iceland?

To answer the question ‘What are we doing about whaling?´ It would be voting for political parties that oppose whaling. We were blindsided by the Left Green party who now leads the government which is authorizing whaling. That is a bit frustrating! We voice opposition on social media and make fun of the Captain Ahab-like character (and a donor to politicians) that is behind all whaling in Icelandic waters. We do not purchase whale meat. It is a good thing then that whale meat isn’t really a connoisseur’s choice!

In any case, we oppose whaling for several reasons.

It is hurting Iceland

Anything that casts a shadow over our country internationally troubles  us. We are patriotic people. Whaling in Icelandic waters is certainly doing that.

Bad for the Icelandic economy

Whaling is not exactly a growth industry for the 21st century. The meat cannot be sold. This arcane industry supports few jobs, it seems to be subsidised by a single wealthy individual. Whale watching on the other hand is an important part of the vital Icelandic travel sector. It is being hurt by whaling.

Impact on endangered whales

Fortunately there are not many species of whales that are endangered in Icelandic waters. But it is clear that whaling can affect those as well.

Go whale watching in Iceland

You may ask yourself what is the best thing I can do as a potential visitor to Iceland to oppose whaling. Perhaps going whale watching here in Iceland is the best thing to do. You might see those spectacular beings up close and personal. You will also be ´voting with your money´- sending a clear signal that the right thing to do is to look at whales rather than killing them for no purpose. And yes it is fine to voice your opposition online as well. Just remember that the people receiving your messages will probably be as opposed to whaling as you are.