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Our Tours section has a massive selection of tours, activities and adventures which probably is about as much variety as you will find on many Icelandic travel sites. This incredible selection comes to us from Viator and is curated by their tour experts. We totally get that this selection of Icelandic tours is overwhelming. To help you find the right tour, we have collected a list of recommended Iceland tours and tour providers. Another way to browse available tours is to check out the most popular tours on our site.

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Jón and Hallveig.

The hottest show in Iceland

At the Icelandic Lava Show they melt rocks to make lava indoors. The only place in the world to do so.
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Icelandic lava flows!

Icelandic lava flows!

Helicopter ride to Mt. Esja with Norðurflug Helicopters

For somebody who frequency runs up and down Mt. Esja it was an incredible experience to let a helicopter swoop you up to the summit of Mt. Esja. And having a glas a bubbly didn´t harm at all.
[but[button link=”” size=”medium” color=”#2ba149"] a helicopter tour with Norðurflug[/butt[/button]figure id="attachment_9105" aria-describedby="caption-attachment-9105" style="width: 2000px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Helicopter ride up to Mt. Esja. Don´t mind if we do!

Helicopter ride up to Mt. Esja. Don´t mind if we do!


Norðursigling (North Sailing) – Whale Watching from Húsavík

The pioneers of eco friendly whale watching operate from the town of Húsavík which is on the Diamond Circle route in the north east of Iceland. The town is right next to the bay of Skjálfandi which is teeming with whales.

[butto[button link=”"] tour with North Sailing[/button[/button]>Happyworld – Paragliding in the Summer and Northern Lights in the winter

My daughter and I went on a Paragliding adventure with Happyworld and it was just one of the best times I have ever had! In the wintertime Happyworld offers small group northern lights tours. We recommend that you go on a small group tours rather than the big buses. More change of actually getting to know people and see things better.

Book a tour from Happyworld

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[/button] id="attachment_8920" aria-describedby="caption-attachment-8920" style="width: 1920px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Tandem Paragliding in Iceland.
Tandem Paragliding in Iceland.

Snowmobiling on Langjökull with Mountaineers of Iceland

It is just incredible to be up on an Icelandic Glacier. Being on a powerful snowmobile is infinitely more fun!

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[/button]d="attachment_6843" aria-describedby="caption-attachment-6843" style="width: 2000px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Epic snowmobiling on Langjökull Glacier in Iceland.
Epic snowmobiling on Langjökull Glacier in Iceland.

Into the Glacier

How can I even explain this one? You go up to Langjökull glacier on converted military trucks that used to carry missiles. Then they drop you off in front of an entrance to a massively deep tunnel that has been carved into the glacier. Inside there is a huge crevice and a chapel (!).

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This is just an incredible experience. You descend deep down into this one of a kind volcanic magma chamber. This is yet another experience that I just am not very well able to explain. To be down there in deep magma chamber nothing short of a metaphysical experience. I couldn´t help thinking that the enormous dome I was in was once full of lava. Now it is just a cathedral-like empty space.

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Inside the volcano is definately one of our recommended Iceland tours.
Inside the volcano is definately one of our recommended Iceland tours.

Rib boating in Vestman Islands

Want to have pure adrenaline driven fun? See beautiful island? Discover massive puffin colonies? Then Rib Boating in the Vestman Islands is for you!

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Boat r[/button]e Glacier Lagoon

If you are going all the way to the world-famous Glacier Lagoon on the South Eastern edge of Iceland please don´t miss going on the boat ride there. On the boat you can get up close to the massive icebergs on the lagoon. You should consider passage of time when you are out on the lake. The icebergs you see are truly ancient.

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The edge of breidamerkurjokull glacier that sticks out of the massive Vatnajokull glacier and feeds in to the Jokulsárlón lagoon.
The edge of breidamerkurjokull glacier that sticks out of the massive Vatnajokull glacier and feeds in to the Jokulsárlón lagoon.

Buggy Racing

This is just pure gasoline driven fun. Channel your inner Mad Max and rev up that buggy!

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